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Run Feelers / Re: Apache Junction, Run Report
« Last post by Barry Blackwood on November 29, 2021, 10:39:53 AM »
Apache Junction Run Report

We had 8 Jeeps join in Apache Junction over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Wednesday evening we had our meet & greet, to discuss the runs over the next 3 days, complete with appetizers.

Thursday, we ran  Pucker Ridge 2.5 
We started out with 8 Jeeps but only 5 finished the run. 8 miles into the trail as we were climbing up one of the obstacles, Mike (AKA Rusty) broke a u-joint at the rear flange and sheared the bolts on a little rock ledge blocking the trail. I removed the driveshaft hoping he could continue the run and pulled him up the ledge so that the others could pass. Once he was up the ledge, we started to continue the run and Rusty broke his front passenger axle shaft at which point he was done for the day. I asked Steve if he could lead the group and finish the run as I stayed behind with Scott W. and I removed the axle shaft to get him back to the trail head. After removing the shaft, I then towed him 8 miles up and down the hills to the staging area, meeting the rest of the group as they were airing up. We called AAA for a tow and waited with him almost 4 hours before they arrived and towed him back to camp. Everyone who finished the run said the rest of the trail was fun with some great views..

Friday we ran Saguaro Lake The Rolls 3.0
This trail makes its way along Saguaro Lake coming down to the lake edge multiple times and has some great little obstacles and beautiful scenery. We couldn’t ask for a nicer place to stop for lunch at the lake under some trees. This trail offered some fun challenges with multiple v-notches and ledges. After coming down one of the down hill obstacles, Scott said he had a loud bump sound which turned out to be a torn side wall on his rear passenger tire that dented the rim. Gary D., Scott, Frank and I had it changed in under 10 minutes and we were back on the trail. As we got to the end of the trail and could see the pavement, there was a big gate  that was locked and we couldn’t get through so we spent another hour finding a way around and out to the road.

Saturday we ran Walnut Canyon.
This is another beautiful run with fun little obstacles and some of the nicest scenery you could ask for. As we were making our way through the canyon, we ran across a pack of 11 javelinas and a group of cows in the road and watched them as they made their way up the hillside. The trail takes you down to the Gila River where we made our first river crossing and stopped for lunch along the river. After lunch, we continued along the trail going under the first train trestle before another river crossing and another bigger trestle continuing the loop back to the staging area.

The Apache Junction area offers mile of trails and someday we’ll have to go back and explore some of the other trails the area has to offer.

If you took any photos, please upload them to the JustRuns photo gallery.

Here are a couple of videos Mary D. made of our runs.

Rebecca and I would like to thank everyone who came out and joined us for this run.
We hope Rusty and Joanne get there Jeep fixed and join us back out on the trails again as they are a great new addition to the club.
We look forward to joining you on one of your JustRuns trail runs in the future.

Barry & Rebecca

Run Announcements / Re: Painted Gorge - run report
« Last post by oksteve on November 14, 2021, 07:16:36 PM »

     Run Report, Painted Gorge, 11/13/2021

There were ten vehicles. An LJ, a couple 4Runners, a couple JLUs, a JL, a JK, a JKU, and a Durango. The weather was warm. There was a Santa Anna condition. Lower 90s, low humidity, 50 mile visibility. Last year's November run was 30 degrees cooler.

We went to the north side of Ocotillo to take the Power Line Trail. That was to avoid the blocked off Old 80. (There have been multiple reports that off-roaders have been ticketed for going around the barricades.)

We saw a few camping groups along Painted Gorge Road. Once we got to the trail
we made an overall clockwise loop.  We entered the south gate.  We took the trail that goes generally northwest toward Carrizo Mtn.  (I'm not sure if BLM calls it EC130 or EC128.)  It start at low elevation in a flat bottomed canyon wash with high, colorful rocky walls.

There was a discussion about when it is appropriate to shift into 4 low. Four low is not just for pulling stumps or hard core rock crawling. You want to be in 4 low for long climbs and steep descents. On climbs it reduces the load on the transmission. On descents the engine braking reduces the load on the brakes. You might as well be in 4 low whenever you know you'll mostly be going less than 20 mph.

After a mile and a half we turned up out of the wash. It is climbing, rocky, and sometimes shelfy. At about this time our Durango driver decided it was not his cup of tea. This happens sometimes. Always notify the run leader.

We continued. This is a fun, moderately technical trail.

We turned generally southwest on EC129. We did that rather than take EC128 toward the peak of Carrizo Mountain. EC129 is a nice moderate trail. It's about 1.6 miles to the end. We returned and had lunch of the intersection of EC129 and EC128. There are some rocks there that give some shade. A group of three vehicles passed by coming down EC128. They were the only traffic on the Painted Gorge trail that I remember.

The shelf roads sparked a discussion about vehicle width. I have measured my JK with 34" tires to be 79 inches from outside sidewall to outside sidewall. The nominal stock track (to wheel center lines) for the JK is about 61 inches. The 4Runner is about 3 inches wider.

After lunch we backtracked to the T intersection and turned north. It completes a nice loop around the area. There are various level 2 rocky slopes and turns. At a few places here and before we could see that rain had done some washing and rutting in the funneling slopes. There was one rocky climb that at first look I wondered if I was going to need a locker. I didn't. I heard from a 4Runner driver that he could hear his ATRAC going into action.

There are some good views along this section. It's at high elevation and you can see west across Imperial valley. The visibility was good and we could see Plaster City, Superstition Mountain, Salton Sea, El Centro, and the mountains further east. As you descend toward the northern gate you can see hills of various colors.

We went out the northern gate, followed the wash east, then turned south toward the initial open area. Just before that is what I'll call the Kitten's Back. It is a 60 foot tall dirt ridge mound with a sort steep slope on the south side. We went over that.

Just south of the open area was a group of shooter. They had some pretty loud guns.

We backtracked Panted Gorge Rd and the Power Line Trail and aired up back at the pavement.

It was a good day.


There are some pictures at:

Mary made a nice video:

Run Announcements / Run Announcement – Painted Gorge
« Last post by oksteve on November 01, 2021, 10:37:17 PM »

Run Announcement – Painted Gorge

Meeting Place:   sandlot next to Chevron station south of I-8 at Ocotillo exit
         (32.731512, -115.994478)

Date:         Saturday, November 13, 2021
Driver's meeting:   8:45 AM
Leader:      oksteve  (white JK)

Difficulty Rating:    2, maybe approaching 2+
Run Type:      day run

Radio communications:    2m ham, 146.550 MHz  (I have a loaner radio.)

Make sure you have the required equipment.

Lunch break on the trail.


Painted Gorge is a neato keeno area.  It is scenic with rocky up and down trails.  It's not hard core but once you get into it you'll need to watch the trail and pick your line.  Generally lockers aren't needed.  An adventurous beginner can do it.

This trail closes for the season on New Year's Eve so we better get at least one run in before then.

I think I'll do a low impact run this time. We'll skip the EC122 switchbacks and the narrow EC128. This will be similar to the run Roger led way back 11/27/16.

We'll air down at the meeting place.

Since the Coyote Wash bridge on Old 80 is still blocked and patrolled as far as I know, we will drive to the north side of Ocotillo and take the Power Line Trail to Painted Gorge Rd.

We'll enter the south gate (N32.81280° W115.97893°) and do a generally clockwise loop. We'll take EC130 most of the way west. It starts off in a wash with scenic high canyon walls. Then it climbs and gets rocky. We'll backtrack EC130 some and then head north on a trail that for some reason isn't on the BLM map. It is twisty and up and down and fun. Before we get to the north gate there are great broad views of colorful rocky terrain. After the north gate we'll bend around south. Toward the end of the loop there is something of an elephants back. Soon we'll take the Power Line Trail back to pavement.


Trail miles will be about 15.

Video of a similar run:


RSVP requested but not required. RSVP to me directly and not the whole club. Use the address below or you can click on the envelope symbol to the left.

Steve Harlow

8 five 8
seven 7 five  3 eight 9 two

Tucson Run Report

We had 11 Jeeps join us for the Tucson run.

Thursday evening I was a little late to the happy hour as Bob’s camper broke down about 10 miles from camp and I went to see if I could help. Turns out that his starter went out and after 4 1/2 hours we were able to get a tow truck willing to carry his truck with his camper to a local repair facility. Rebecca was able to secure a cabin for Bob at the KOA and everything worked out as the shop had his truck repaired Friday afternoon. I want to thank Rebecca for holding down the fort and hosting happy hour while I was out playing.

Friday Rug Road
We left camp early to drive the 55 + miles to the trailhead of  Rug Road located in Mammoth, Arizona. In the last 3 years of putting on the Tucson run, I had always wanted to do this trail and this being our last year to run Tucson for a while, we decided it was a must. The trail consists of steep rutted hills with loose rocks filled in years ago with carpet remnants. In the early 50’s,  Mr. Salazar, a local rancher got nervous about the way the road was eroding, so he went down to Tucson and gathered a truckload of old carpet remnants and stuffed them into rough spots along the road to give himself better traction. This part of the trail is known as Carpet Hill. Today, it’s described as a nasty, loose-rock, deeply rutted, steep slope that rises 650 feet in 3/4 of a mile. This was one BUMPY trail. The trail is normally run as a 2 day bobtail run from Mammoth to Klondyke, but we only went as far as Parson’s Cabin before taking the Carpet Hill Bypass Road “ Cowboy Miller Road” out to the main road.
Unfortunately, Scott started having transmission problems into the run and his Jeep went into limp mode, but he  was able to make it through the trail and get towed back to camp.

Saturday we ran Chiva Falls Trail.
This trail is also rated difficult but everyone did a great job with a little spotting. The first obstacle is Three Feathers. There are 3 ways down this hill, hence the name Three Feathers. Each route offering it’s own unique set of challenges. After everyone made their way down the hill, we continued along the trail while enjoying the beautiful scenery the area has to offer. Working our way down the trail, we made our way over to Chiva Falls where we had lunch . When we arrived at the falls, a SXS that had passed earlier with 4 adults in it had rolled  and a group of other Jeeper’s eating lunch at the falls ran up to right the SXS. Luckly, no one was hurt but the SXS had some damage. After lunch, we backtracked a ways before turning on Reddington trail to create a loop which took us out to the main highway and back to camp. As we were heading out to the road, Mark started having trouble with his transmission and it went into limp mode, but after shutting it down for a while as he was airing up he said it seemed to be running fine.

Saturday evening, after the run, we had our Cowboy themed potluck dinner, organized and hosted by Marshal Bob K. who dressed and played the part of the Arizona Terratorial Marshal. Everyone wore their favorite western attire and enjoyed a great BBQ potluck dinner complete with western music.

If you took any photos, please upload them to the JustRuns photo gallery.

Rebecca and I would like to thank everyone who joined us for this run.

We look forward to joining you on one of your JustRuns trail runs in the future.

[The pictures gallery is at
There are five pictures there now. I expect there will be more soon.  -Admin]

Run Announcements / Re: Pinyon mountain nightrun
« Last post by Jeff atkeson on October 25, 2021, 07:52:12 AM »
Sorry for being so late with the run report on Saturday the 16th we had a total of 7 vehicles We headed up the trail on time however about a mile and a 1/2 or 2 miles into the trip we ran across a handicapped person on a quad that was stranded One of the people in the group George volunteered to take this person back down to the trailhead where he could get help we drove slow and waited around at the squeeze for him to come back But by the time he got the person towed back down he made the decision to air up and go home so we continued the run it's been the run with 6 Jeep's total we went down did sandstone Canyon and the  Is Diablo drop off. We then went down through the mud caves and out to cane break
 It was a good run good people nobody had any  Major problems One person lost a front locker airline but with a couple stacked rocks we had no problem
Run Feelers / SD 4 Wheelers Superstition Run, 2022
« Last post by oksteve on October 14, 2021, 10:14:37 PM »
    SD 4 Wheelers Superstition Run, 2022

After a hiatus the past year SD 4 Wheelers is putting on its anual Superstition run in January. I've been going since 2016. I've always enjoyed it.

[Here is our page on the Superstition Mtn area.  ]

Run Announcements / Re: Mojave Road (East to West)
« Last post by Eagle6 on October 11, 2021, 07:32:42 PM »
Run Announcements / Re: Mojave Road 8-10Oct21 Trip Report
« Last post by Eagle6 on October 11, 2021, 01:20:10 PM »
What a wonderful trip.  Group of great people and just some of the most interesting and fantastic scenery you could ask for.

Day 1-
4 Jeeps, 1 4Runner and 1 Dodge Ram Rebel.
Interesting start to the trip with a recover and one breakdown at the trail head.  No real issues, but unfortunately one vehicle drop at the start.  They made it home safe and are now in the process of trying to figure out what was wrong. 
Day one started with a light steady rain which kept the dust down but caused no issues for travel.  We traveled from trailhead to Rock Springs where we found a really nice primitive camp site out of the way from everyone else driving the road.  Day included stops at Fort Piute and crossing the Dead Mountains.  We took the formal trail over the mountain (not the current bypass).  Trail was rocky and rutted but very, very doable.  Note that the official Mojave Road trail which continues west from Fort Piute is officially closed and gated.  You can see where people have bypassed the gate but you get a couple hundred yards down the trail and it is unpassable.  We also made stops at the Penny Can, went through the trench road and Joshua Tree Forest and drove as far as Government Holes before backtracking to Rock Springs wash for a secluded primitive camp site.
Because of the cloud cover and rain, Friday night did not meet the weather predictions.  All three major weather organization blew this forecast (75H/65L) as temperatures dropped to 39 degrees on Friday night.

Day 2 –
We woke to a very cold morning with beautiful blue skies and only a couple of high wispy clouds.  Saturday saw us drive through Camp Mohave, Marl Springs, across High Point a stop at the Mojave Mailbox (and the associated other ground art).  Don’t expect to see it like in the pictures of past.  Much of the area has been cleaned up.  Frogs, Dinos, Matchbox 4x4 and gnomes are all there, just not in the quantities seen in the past.   I think the highlight of the day was a stop at the Lava Tubes and dropping down inside.  There is now a ladder/stair so much easier to get into the tube now.  The home for this night was a box canyon with a 40-foot lava way on one side and a cinder cone the other side.  Very secluded and very picturesque.  We had one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in the desert in many years.

Day 3 –
Because of the rain we intended to bypass Soda Lake (more on that in a minute).  We made a quick jaunt up to Baker for a couple of the rigs to fuel up and then headed for the bypass trail.  Got to the trail and found it blocked by the park service.  So, we decided that we would at least check out the trail across.  The trail across was in great condition and we crossed to the Travelers Monument without issue.  We proceeded on to the first train trestle.  As we stopped to take a group picture, we were treated with a train rolling by, it was loud but enjoyable.  We proceeded on through Afton Canyon and of course made the river crossing.  Depth is roughly 12 inches now that it has the rocks on the bottom.  I would expect that in late spring it will probably be deeper, but will never get to the 3-foot levels of the past.  We exited out Afton Canyon where we aired up and called it a day.
I want to thank all those that showed up and made the run.  You guys were a great group and I would lead you any time.


PS:  If you have pictures from the run, please post them in our gallery:
Run Announcements / Re: Pinyon mountain nightrun
« Last post by Jeff atkeson on October 04, 2021, 07:52:48 PM »
The trail head for Pinyon Mtn. Trail is on Hwy S2 just south of the community of Shelter Valley near mile marker 22.  One can easily miss the sign if not watching closely.  The trail is on the east side of S2. (N33.05675° W116.41967°)  Air down at the trail head  and continue east. .
Member Introductions / Rove on land; walk on water?
« Last post by usdrsom on September 30, 2021, 03:32:40 PM »
Hey All, some of you have already met me from the June run. For others, hi!

I am an Eagle Scout, grew up in India, work in Artificial Intelligence, dream of teaching, and live for my family (mostly).
I recently upgraded from a LR3 to a LR4. It is close to stock with johnson rods and beefier tires - a landy does not need much more ;)

Nothing against a Jeep. I fell in love with Jeeps watching Bollywood movies growing up - check them out:
One of these days, I hope to buy & restore a Willys CJB or similar.

See ya around.
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